Investec Launches Wealth Management Business In Guernsey

By Editorial 06 November, 2013

Investec launched a new wealth management business called Investec Wealth & Investment (Channel Islands) Limited in Guernsey on November 01, 2013.

The new company will offer investment management services to individuals in Guernsey and abroad, as well as families and financial services businesses based locally.

Shaun Lacey, the director of the new company, said: "Investec Private Bank's former wealth management business is in the process of being integrated into this new company and we will be able to offer a significant increase in the range of high quality, tailor-made investment services across a wide range of asset classes."

Mr Lacey claimed that Investec was one of a very small number of firms providing fully integrated investment management services in Guernsey.

He went on to say: "A lot of private banks have client relationship managers with portfolio management being carried out behind the scenes. The key differentiator for us is that the person who manages the client relationship, manages their portfolio as well, providing greater continuity and assurance."

Investec Wealth & Investment (Channel Islands) Limited is part of Investec Wealth & Investment Group, which has GBP40bn of client assets under management worldwide.

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