IoM To Modernize Work Permit Law

By Editorial 17 February, 2011

The Isle of Man Department of Economic Development has released a consultation paper which sets out proposals to update the island's existing, outdated work permit law.

Announcing the release of the draft Bill and Regulations, the Minister for Economic Development, Allan Bell, said: “The island’s work permit legislation was originally intended to safeguard the employment opportunities of largely unskilled workers in what is now almost a bygone age. Today, our diverse economy requires a workforce with a huge number and range of skills and expertise yet the Control of Employment Act 1975 largely predates this transformation in the island’s fortunes. It is crucial that we update the existing legislation so that it’s in keeping with the needs of today’s economy.”

The Department is not proposing to fundamentally alter the system of work permits. Rather, the intention is to make a series of improvements and to deal appropriately with the problem areas in the legislation.

The consultation invites comment to be submitted no later than March 25, 2011.

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