Ireland Reforms Work Permits System

By Fiona Moore, for 19 August, 2014

Ireland is set to introduce new Employment Permit categories from next month, including a Critical Skills Permit that the Government hopes will transform Ireland into "the internet capital of Europe."

The changes are being introduced as a result of the Employment Permit (Amendment) Act 2014, which was recently signed into law.

According to the Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation, the Critical Skills Employment Permit will replace the current "Green card" system. In order to attract individuals who possess the desired skills, the permit will allow immediate family reunification and provide a fast track to residency. In addition, a number of criteria normally applying to the issuance of an employment permit will be waived.

Further, the family members of a Critical Skills Employment Permit-holder will also be allowed to work in the country, through a Spouses, Civil Partners, and Dependents Employment Permit.

There will also be a General Employment Permit, for cases where a contract for a designated highly skilled occupation has been offered for a duration of less than two years.

Other permits under the new system include: an Intra-Company Transfer Employment Permit, for the temporary transfer of employees between affiliated foreign and Irish companies; a Reactivation Employment Permit, for individuals who fall out of the employment permits system through no fault of their own; and a Contract for Services Employment Permit, to allow the employee of a foreign company that has entered a contract with an Irish company to work in Ireland.

There will also be an Exchange Agreement Employment Permit; a Sports and Cultural Employment Permit; and an Internship Employment Permit. These will be offered in cases where a work placement is a key component of a course.

The Government further intends to introduce a Trusted Partner pilot program from December, to speed up processing times for applications from accredited companies.

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