Isle Of Man Targets Unregistered Vehicles

By Editorial 09 February, 2011

The Manx Department of Infrastructure (DoI) has warned drivers that it has launched an initiative to ensure that all vehicles are registered in the Isle of Man in accordance with the Road Vehicle Regulations 2006.

The Department said it wishes to address continuing concerns that, whilst UK-registered vehicles are being brought into the island by residents or when people relocate, in many cases they are not subsequently being registered through the DoI, which is the Isle of Man’s licensing authority. This means that the Isle of Man is not receiving duty for these vehicles and consequently receives no contribution from their owners towards the upkeep of the roads.

"As well as being an offence, this is considered to be anti-social in that other road users are, in effect, subsidising these individuals," the DoI said.

The Road Vehicle Regulations 2006 state that vehicles belonging to Isle of Man residents must be registered as soon as possible, except for persons in temporary accommodation, when a maximum of twelve months is allowed before registering in the Isle of Man. Vehicles must be registered in the Isle of Man as soon as the vehicle owner has a permanent address on the island; however, the Department allows one month’s grace for individuals to make the necessary arrangements.

The Department is giving due notice that it will be enforcing penalties against vehicles that remain registered or untaxed, with a maximum fine of GBP1,000.

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