Japan Offers Highest Value Expat Pay Packages

By Haruna Kobayashi, for ExpatBriefing.com 11 May, 2015

ECA International has released its latest annual MyExpatriate Market Pay Survey, which looks at the typical pay packages received by expats that agree to relocate to the Asia Pacific region.

Japan is home to Asia's highest expatriate pay packages. On average, a package for an expatriate middle manager there is worth USD375,000. Mainland China remains 4th highest in the region, having overtaken Hong Kong (5th) last year. A total pay package for an expatriate middle manager in China is worth over USD276,000.

The report says the low cost of living, typical in Asia, does not always translate into low expatriate packages. For example, in order to attract talent to some of the cheaper, less developed locations, companies often need to provide greater incentives than they do when moving employees elsewhere.

Second place went to Australia, followed by India in third place.

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