Jersey Consults On New Immigration Fees

By Editorial 11 June, 2012

The Jersey government has proposed introducing new immigration fees on non-residents seeking temporary or permanent entry, to fund the nation's immigration controls.

The new fees would be used to offset the financial impact of removing the GBP70 fee levied for consent to purchase housing in Jersey.

The proposals coincide with the introduction of the new Control of Housing and Work Law, which will replace existing legislation in the Autumn of 2012, and improve the efficiency of immigration controls and reduce costs.

To replace the GBP70 fee, it is proposed that new fees be charged for:

The Chair of the Migration Advisory Group, Paul Routier, said of the proposals: “It is vitally important that Jersey effectively manages population growth and immigration. We believe the costs of doing this should mainly be met by new migrants and contractors who come to Jersey, not by the taxpayers and home owners as they are now.”

Routier added: “These latest proposals have been carefully designed to eliminate fees for established residents and reflecting on the current economic climate. However, it is most important that we hear the views of islanders and businesses before we decide who pays for our immigration controls.”

The Jersey government is seeking views on the proposals until July 25, 2012.

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