Jersey Redrafts Immigration, Housing And Work Legislation

By Editorial 21 March, 2011

A new law to more effectively regulate immigration and control access to housing and work in Jersey is being lodged in the island's legislative body, the States of Jersey.

If adopted, the Draft Control of Housing and Work (Jersey) Law 201-, will replace the existing Housing (Jersey) Law 1949, and Regulations of Undertakings and Development (Jersey) Law 1974.

The primary objectives of the new law are:

In addition, the Draft Register of Names and Addresses (Jersey) Law 201- is being lodged. This law requires the Chief Minister to establish a register to record the name and address information of all island residents. This can be used to streamline and support public services, for example, simpler change of address procedures, and the promotion of public health.

In keeping with the wide scope of these laws, an extensive programme of review and consultation has informed the drafting process, including a three-phase consultation process and various legal reviews. The results, according to the government, have been taken into account and in many areas reflected in the new laws.

Assistant Chief Minister, Paul Routier, commented: "It is time that our old laws are replaced. I am confident that these new laws will provide tighter and fairer controls over immigration. These laws will also provide us with a Population Register, which will mean we have an ongoing record of the island’s population to support, among other things, more efficient public services."

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