Jersey Releases House Price Index Report For Q3 2013

By Editorial 18 November, 2013

The mix-adjusted average price of homes sold in Jersey in the third quarter of 2013 remained roughly level with the average in the preceding four quarters and the average for 2012, according to a report from the island's Statistics Unit.

The figure was up by 3 percent from Q2, the report said.

The average price of four-bedroom houses in the territory reached GBP697,000 (USD1.12m) in Q3, compared with GBP645,000 in Q2. The figure for three-bedroom houses was GBP488,000 in Q3, up from the previous quarter's GBP473,000. The average price for two-bedroom flats in Q3 was GBP340,000, unchanged from Q1 and Q2.

The sales turnover of Jersey's housing market in Q3 was 29 percent higher than in the previous quarter, reaching the highest level for six years.

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