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Jersey Increases Fees For Expat Workers

By Fiona Moore, for ExpatBriefing.com
22 May, 2017


Jersey has announced plans to increase the cost of registration cards and licenses for those living and working on the island.

Foreign residents permitted to live temporarily in Jersey are given one of four designations: entitled; entitled to work; licensed; or registered. As well as setting out whether a person may work in Jersey, they also determine whether a person may purchase property.

Those with "entitled for work" and "entitled" status, including high-value residents with annual worldwide earnings comfortably in excess of GBP625,000 (USD811,665) per year, are permitted to work anywhere on the island without requiring a permit. Those with "licensed" or "registered" status may only work on the island where their employer has obtained permission from the Jersey authorities.

The proposed fee rises will see new "high-value residents" pay GBP7,500 (USD9,774) for registration cards when they arrive, a rise of 50 percent. Fees for the cost of a registration card for registered and licensed individuals will rise to GBP80 (USD104). The cost of employing a licensed employee will rise to GBP225 (USD293) per year, and the maximum amount payable by visiting businesses in any one year will more than double to GBP3,500 (USD4560).

A new fee is planned for employment agencies of GBP500 (USD652) per employee for every registered member of staff they are permitted. An annual fee of GBP50 (USD65) will be payable each year by business for each permission they hold to employ a registered member of staff, excluding seasonal permissions.

A new charge of GBP500 (USD652) is proposed for companies (not individuals) seeking permission to purchase land or property.

Noting that fees have not increased in the last four years, Jersey's Assistant Chief Minister, Paul Routier, said that with an aging population and increasing demands on the public purse, it is right to increase funding for migration controls and investment in skills.

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