Luxembourg Hosts Event Celebrating Expats

By Fernand Gagnier, for 20 March, 2015

Luxembourg's Comité de liaison des associations d'étrangers (CLAE) has hosted a successful immigration fair, with strong Government support.

A central theme for this year was integration, and Corinne Cahen, Minister for Family and Integration, spoke in support of the fair and its aims. She stressed that, in a country where 45 percent of residents are foreigners, it is the responsibility of all to work towards better integration of immigrants. She went on to praise the work of the CLAE and similar organizations, saying that it is important that they all work together on this issue. She also urged individuals to do their utmost in offering voluntary support to such organizations.

The fair, dubbed the Festival of Migration, Culture, and Citizenship, took place on March 14 and opened with a debate about how the arrival of immigrants into Luxembourg could be improved. The festival is in its 32nd year and ran for three days in Kirchberg. It involved a wide range of talks, workshops, exhibitions, and entertainment from around the world, demonstrating Luxembourg's commitment to providing a welcome reception for immigrants.

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