Munich To Host Expat Fair

By Hans Esser, for 16 March, 2015

Expats in Germany could find many of their needs addressed at the "Expat In The City" Fair in Munich on March 22, 2015.

A broad spectrum of exhibitors will be attending, including relocation firms, bilingual children's daycare centers, language and education providers, financial service providers, health insurance providers, and representatives from international associations, sports and leisure facilities, and cultural organizations.

The Department of Labor and Economic Development is patron of the fair and will also have its own Economic Development stand.

Josef Schmid, Deputy Mayor of Munich and head of the Department, said: "Expat in the City is a real asset to our city and its international community. Munich is a modern, international city that hosts a large number of global corporations and organizations. The Fair, too, plays a part is presenting this image and perception of Munich."

The Fair will be held in Munich's Alte Kongresshalle (Old Congress Hall) and opens at 10am. Entrance is free.

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