NGOs Urge EU To Protect Live, Work Rights For Foreigners

By Fiona Moore, for 27 March, 2017

More than 160 non-governmental organizations have called for the rights of non-EU people wanting to live and work across the European Union to be protected.

In an open letter to EU leaders, the NGOs urged them to "uphold the rights and values that have been founding principles of the European Union for 60 years."

The letter draws particular attention to what they termed a disconnect between the verbal commitments made by European leaders to European values – respect for human dignity, liberty, democracy, equality, the rule of law, and human rights – and action on the ground to restrict access to Europe.

The NGOs called on European country leaders to manage migration in a fair manner and to address the legitimate concerns of citizens, stating: "Migration must be principled and based on facts, rather than on populist rhetoric."

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