New Data Shows Cost Of Living Abroad In 2015

By Fiona Moore, for 03 February, 2015

Switzerland ranks number one in the world in terms of the cost of living, according to new data that compares the Consumer Price Index in 119 countries.

Norway, Venezuela, Iceland, and Denmark make up the rest of the top-five countries. The cheapest include India, Nepal, Pakistan, and Algeria.

The data, which was compiled by Numbeo and recently transformed into an infographic by MoveHub, focuses on daily expenses like supermarket shopping, transport, and utility bills. The cost of eating out in restaurants was also taken into account. However, some items are omitted, such as clothing, housing, and education costs.

Despite these limitations, the information can help those looking to move abroad by highlighting better value regions, with Poland, the Czech Republic, and Hungary listed among the most affordable European countries.

The UK is ranked the tenth most expensive country to live in, while Australia is just outside the top five in sixth position.

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