New Law Enforcement Agency Targets British Criminals In Spain

By Editorial 14 October, 2013

Britain has launched its new National Crime Agency, with a remit that includes working with Spanish authorities to secure the arrests of criminals hiding among the British expat community in Spain.

According to the UK Government, the NCA will deploy more than 4,000 specialist crime fighters, and will work with Spanish agencies including the Spanish National Police, Guardia Civil, and Spanish Customs. It will tackle organized crime groups, share intelligence on joint threats and targets, and intercept people, property and money moving to and from the UK.

The Agency will also continue the work of Operation Captura, which so far has seen 53 of the UK's most-wanted criminals arrested while hiding in Europe, for the most part in Spain. Last month, the head of the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) warned that British criminals continue to flee to Spain in part because they can "very easily" hide among the large expat community.

The NCA is the successor organization for SOCA and for other crime-fighting agencies including the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre. It is led by 120 liaison officers in 40 global locations, which the Government says will provide a reach across 150 countries.

Threats covered by the NCA include economic crime, criminal finances and profits, organized immigration crime, e-crime, and drugs entering the UK via Spain from Latin America and from North and West Africa.

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