New Passport Procedure For Brits In Australia

By Editorial 20 January, 2014

Britons in Australia who require a new passport must now apply and pay online, and send their documentation directly to the UK rather than to the Regional Passport Processing Center in New Zealand.

The change means that applicants no longer have to make their application in person at Australia Post. They are also now free to choose alternatives to Australia Post's trackable courier service when submitting their documents.

The new passport and documents will then be returned by DHL to the address provided in the application. Applicants will be able to track their application's progress online in real time, and phone costs will no longer be premium rate.

Applicants who lack internet access are advised to call the Passport Advice Line.

British High Commissioner Paul Madden explained that renewals will take four weeks from when documentation is received in the UK, and that first-time applications and replacement passports may take six weeks or longer if extra information is required.

The UK is repatriating the issuing of all British passports worldwide during 2014. The Government says that once this has been completed, the Passport Office will seek to more closely align overseas and UK passport fees.

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