New Property Price Index To Launch In France

By Fernand Gagnier, for 06 August, 2014

From September, a new property price index will provide buyers and sellers with close to real-time French market trend information for the first time.

The move was announced by Michel Mouillart, an economist and the director of the l'observatoire Crédit logement CSA. Mouillart said that the index, to be called Les Prix de l'Immobilier-SeLoger (LPI-SeLoger), will provide figures derived from information on between 260,000 to 280,000 residential property transactions annually, representing 35 percent of the total market.

The index will pool data from various companies including a property website, a mortgage specialist, a property investment trust, the National Association of Real Estate Professionals (SNPI), two major real estate firms, and a mutual mortgage guarantor.

Nicholas Leach from French property firm Athena Advisors hailed the announcement. He said that the new index would be an improvement on figures from the French Notaires, which are always six months behind and do not include data about new builds. Leach said: "This new index will be extremely helpful when dealing with foreign investors, especially if it's their first purchase in the country."

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