Official Figures Indicate Fewer Expats In Spain

By Editorial 22 January, 2014

Official statistics from Spain show that the number of registered foreigners living in the country fell by almost 200,000 during 2012, and that 13,000 Britons either left the country or stopped registering their presence.

The figures show that 385,588 Britons registered with their local town halls in 2012, but the British Embassy estimates that the true number of British expats in Spain is around 800,000.

In November, the British Consulate in Malaga held events pointing out the advantages of inclusion on the "Padrón," or town hall register, including access to social services relating to healthcare, housing and residential care. However, some expats reportedly prefer not to register, for tax reasons.

The statistics also show fewer Germans registered during 2012, that Romanians are the largest foreign group living in Spain, and that Chinese are the fastest-growing community.

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