Progress On Canadian Parent and Grandparent Program Backlog

By Editorial 12 February, 2014

Canada says it expects to welcome an additional 20,000 parents and grandparents during 2014 as it deals with a backlog in what it calls "the most generous family reunification program in the developed world."

The Parent and Grandparent program was reopened at the start of 2014, and Citizenship and Immigration Canada has now received the full quota for this year of 5,000 applications. The Government says the program will now "pause" until the start of next year as applications for this year are processed, and that there will be a "substantial" reduction in waiting times.

The scheme allows eligible sponsors to bring parents or grandparents to Canada temporarily on a multiple-entry 10-year visa called the Super Visa. Holders of the visa can stay in Canada for up to 24 months at a time without having to renew their status.

To date, more than 28,000 Super Visas have been issued, and almost 98 per cent of Super Visa applicants who met the requirements (which include a medical examination) were approved.

The Government says that the backlog has been cut by half since the launch of an the Action Plan for Faster Family Reunification, and that it should be cut by 75 percent by the end of next year.

Citizenship and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander said that the Government is "committed to improving the immigration system so that families can be reunited more quickly."

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