Protection Orders Get Cross-EU Recognition

By Fernand Gagnier, for 12 January, 2015

The European Commission (EC) has announced that protection orders preventing violent offenders and stalkers from approaching their victims are to be recognized across the European Union (EU).

Restraining, protection, and barring orders issued in one member state will now apply elsewhere in the EU through a simple certification process. The new mechanism covers civil, criminal, and administrative national protection measures and replaces burdensome and complex procedures that differed for each country.

Vera Jourová, the EU Commissioner for Justice, Consumers, and Gender Equality, said the "rights of the victims of violence will now be guaranteed outside their own country too, wherever they are in Europe." She added that victims "will be able to choose to live in another EU member state or to travel on holiday without fearing for their safety."

Protection orders will be recognized through two EU legal instruments: the Regulation on Mutual Recognition of Protection Measures in Civil Matters, and the Directive on the European Protection Order. An EU Directive setting minimum standards for victim protection across the EU became law in 2012, and will become binding on member states by November 16, 2015.

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