Ranking Finds Australia Most Expensive For Foreign Students

By ExpatBriefing.com Editorial 21 August, 2013

Analysis by HSBC has shown that Australia is the most expensive location for overseas students, with fees and living expenses amounting on average to USD38,000 – six times the USD6,285 paid by foreign students living in Germany.

The bank studied publicly-available data on higher education in 13 countries. The USA came in at second place, at USD35,000, and the UK in third place, at USD30,000. The UAE, Singapore and Hong Kong all weighed in at above USD20,000 a year.

Average fees were calculated based on the costs for international students at the ten largest institutions in each country. Costs of living were adjusted from HESA Global Education Rankings 2010 (adjusted for inflation), from Expatitsan.co.uk, and from previous HSBC research on studying abroad.

HSBC's Global Head of Wealth Development Malik Sarwar observed that the higher education market "remains segmented and therefore mispriced at an international level." He suggested that increasing costs can be related to fewer government subsidies in the sector.

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