Rudd's Election Campaign Targets Australian Voters in Hong Kong

By Editorial 30 August, 2013

Australia's Labor Party has paid for billboard adverts in Hong Kong that urge expats living in the city to vote for incumbent Prime Minister Kevin Rudd in the forthcoming election.

The adverts refer to Rudd's domestic policies, stressing that he has a "positive plan for schools, jobs, and strong economy." The Labor Party was quoted as explaining that "Australian Labor is serious about reaching out to Australians overseas."

Many Australians in Hong Kong are ethnic Chinese, and reports have suggested that Rudd may have an advantage due to his academic background in Asian Studies and proficiency in speaking Mandarin. However, Liberal Party opposition leader Tony Abbott made a speech in mainland China last year in which he argued that "with their respect for tradition and aptitude for business, Chinese people should be natural liberal conservatives."

Hong Kong is the location of Australia's second-busiest polling station in the world after London, and reports say that around 10,000 Australians out of a total of more than 80,000 living in the city are expected to vote.

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