Seychelles Ups Regulation Of Expat Worker Numbers

By Editorial 20 May, 2014

It has been announced that a quota entitlement for employing non-Seychellois workers came into force on May 15 in the tourism, construction, agriculture, fishing, manufacturing, financial services, trade and commerce, and domestic work industries.

Recent figures have shown that 24 percent of the Seychelles's 55,000 labor force is made up of foreign workers, and that those 13,400 expatriates work mainly in the construction and tourism industries.

Minister of Labor and Human Resource Development Idith Alexander said the quota entitlement follows a decision taken last year after consultations with various stakeholders. "The aim is to create jobs and ensure Seychellois are continuously provided with job opportunities," she added. A new procedure in recruiting expatriates will work to ensure Seychellois are the first to get the opportunity to secure those job positions.

For example, a business involved in tourism, construction, agriculture, manufacturing, fisheries, and financial services wishing to recruit expatriates will now need to apply to the Ministry of Labor and Human Resource Development for a certificate of entitlement, proving it is currently adhering to all provisions of the Employment Act and other government regulations, and is within the quota entitlement.

On the other hand, employers seeking to recruit non-Seychellois in other areas, such as trade and commerce, will be required to tap the local labor market.

Seychelles has a low unemployment rate which stands at 2.22 percent, representing 1,155 registered jobseekers as at end-March 2014. About 25 percent of employees work directly in government jobs, while the private sector employs 57 percent.

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