Slow Take-Up For German Work Visa Opportunity

By Hans Esser, for 21 August, 2014

New figures show that amended immigration rules recognizing vocational qualifications resulted in the issuance of just 170 extra work visas in Germany over the past year.

When plans to revise the country's Employment Ordinance were first announced, the Federal Labour Minister, Ursula von der Leyen, said that the move "opens the gates wide for the skilled workers needed to bring the country forward." The Government explained that there is a shortage of technical and industrial specialists in Germany, citing train drivers and plumbers as examples, and an increasing need for care providers.

However, the Federal Labor Ministry has now admitted to Die Welt that so far only 170 specialists have come to Germany as a result of the amendment. The Ministry said that its published list of skilled professions for which specialists are being sought from outside the European Union has not served as an effective recruitment tool.

The head of the German Confederation of Skilled Crafts, Holger Schwannecke, told AFP that one problem may be that training systems outside the EU are often not compatible with German standards. He further noted that there is also often a lack of ability in speaking German.

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