South Africa Explains Birth Certificate Immigration Requirement

By Dex Tennyson, for 29 September, 2014

South Africa's Home Affairs Minister, Malusi Gigaba, has explained the impact on foreigners of a new rule that requires the parents of all minors traveling to or from the country to furnish an "unabridged" birth certificate.

In a statement, Gigaba confirmed that an "unabridged" birth certificate "is merely a birth certificate from the responsible authority in their country which lists the particulars of the child's parents." However, he added that passports containing this information will also be acceptable as documentation.

The regulation is being introduced as part of South Africa's Immigration Amendment Act. Minors traveling alone will also need to have written permission from both of their parents or guardians.

The new rule, which is intended to safeguard children, will apply from June 1, 2015, after being postponed from the start of next month. The Minister explained that more time is needed to publicize the requirement internationally, and for travelers to acquire the necessary documentation.

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