South Korea Issues English Tax Guide For Expatriates

By Editorial 06 January, 2012

In order to provide additional assistance for expatriates working in South Korea, the National Tax Service (NTS) has issued an updated version on its website of its Easy Guide for Foreigners’ Year-end Tax Settlement, written in English.

The introduction to the tax guide points out that over 400,000 foreign residents are expected to complete their annual tax returns for the NTS this year, and its guide provides all the necessary information for them in both South Korean and English, with details revised to meet the 2011 requirements.

It includes foreign taxpayers’ most frequently asked questions and important tax facts related to year-end settlement. It also explains the special tax treatment available for foreign teachers and engineers, as well as guides to calculate their taxes.

In addition, the NTS has implemented various customized services, including a telephone helpline for foreign taxpayers and an ‘Automatic Calculation Service for Year-end Tax Settlement’ on the NTS English website.

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