Spanish House Prices Beginning To Recover

By Fiona Moore, for 05 September, 2014

Spain's Association of Registrars has announced that property prices increased for the first time in six years during the second quarter. The percentage of sales to foreigners was at a record high.

It said that prices rose by 0.97 percent year-on-year between April and June, and by 1.53 percent compared with the first quarter of 2014. Although the number of sales during the second quarter dropped by 5.49 percent when compared with January to March, the overall figure was still significantly higher than the record low at the end of 2013.

The Association further explained that foreigners accounted for 13.03 percent of sales, which it said marked a "new high." British purchases accounted for 15.77 percent of these sales, followed by sales to nationals of France (10.11 percent), Russia, (8.08 percent), Germany (7.53 percent), Belgium (7.26 percent) and Sweden (5.93 percent).

The greatest number of purchases were in Andalusia (15,583), followed by Catalonia (11,980), Valencia (11,591) and Madrid (10,522).

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