Survey Finds Many Brit Expats Choose Not To Integrate

By Fiona Moore, for 31 October, 2014

Significant numbers of British expats who responded to a survey have said that their social group is mainly British, and that they don't bother to learn the host language or have any interest in the local culture.

A thousand expats were questioned about their life overseas on behalf of Robinsons, a relocation specialist. The firm said that it wanted to better understand its customer base.

Overall, 27 percent of respondents said that their social group is mainly British, while a further 10 percent said their friends are exclusively British. Just 10 percent said that they socialize predominantly with locals.

Meanwhile, 26 percent said that they are uninterested in the local culture, while 37 percent haven't learnt the local tongue. Five percent said that they prefer British culture, including British food.

Based on percentages of British and local friends in their host countries, Brit expats were found to be most integrated in New Zealand, Canada, and Asia, and least integrated in Africa, the United Arab Emirates, and Eastern Europe.

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