Taxes Blamed For Irish 'Brain Drain'

By Editorial 04 October, 2013

Lower taxes in Canada, the US and Australia are tempting away Ireland's "best and brightest," the Transport Minister has warned.

Speaking to the Irish Independent, Leo Varadkar said that "equality and fairness are important, but we must not push our best talent out of Ireland."

"Even if you do get promoted, the Government takes 52 percent of that away from you, or even higher if you are a public servant, and people who are calling for even more tax need to think about that because there is a risk we will drive overseas some of our best people," he stressed.

Looking to the future, Varadkar believes that the Government should consider the possibility of reducing the income tax and universal social charge rates, once Ireland successfully exits its bailout program.

Varadkar's comments received short shrift from Deputy Prime Minister Eamon Gilmore. The Irish Independent quotes Gilmore as saying that "taxation isn't the issue" in relation to emigration.

The "availability of work here" is for Gilmore the crucial factor determining an individual's decision to leave Ireland. He added that he was concerned with those "who leave the country because they can't get work," and explained that this is why the Government continues to concentrate "the creation of jobs so people, everybody, can have the opportunity of working here."

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