Taxpayers Supported In 2013 Income Tax Campaign

By Editorial 26 April, 2013

The French Finance Ministry has recently provided details of how taxpayers in France can receive support and advice from the country's tax administration when filing their income tax returns this year.

According to the French Finance Ministry, the Government's online tax website is a one-stop-shop and is available to taxpayers all year round. Using the website, taxpayers will be able to file their income tax returns and submit their income tax payments online. In addition, individuals will also have access to all relevant tax documentation relating to their own tax situation, including previous income tax declarations, tax advice notices, and payment details. Furthermore, taxpayers will be able to adjust tax payments online, for taxes paid monthly or by direct debt, and will be able to advise the authorities of any change in circumstance. The web portal is also a good source of tax information for general tax queries.

Alternatively, taxpayers may opt to contact the authorities directly, either by telephone, or in person. Taxpayers may speak to an advisor over the telephone at a public finance center, the number of which appears on the income tax return. For questions relating to direct debits or monthly payments, taxpayers are invited to contact by telephone a tax service center (CPS). Finally, there are 2,400 public finance centers scattered across France for taxpayers wishing to visit in person for advice on income tax calculations and payments.

France's online declaration service for the 2013 income tax campaign opened on April 19. The deadline for filing paper income tax returns is May 27. Online declarations must be filed by June 3 for taxpayers in French departments one to 19, by June 7 for taxpayers with a main residence in departments 20 to 49, and by June 11 for taxpayers resident in departments 50 to 974.

Non-residents must submit their declarations (either paper or online declarations) by June 17 for taxpayers in Europe, along the Mediterranean coast, North America and Africa, and by July 1 for taxpayers in Central America, South Asia, Oceania and other countries.

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