Thailand Plans Tourist Entry Fee

By Editorial 25 October, 2013

Public Health Minister Pradit Sintavanarong has indicated that Thailand's Government is looking at a plan to impose a fee on foreigners entering the country from January 2014.

He confirmed that the proposed fee, reported to be THB500 (USD16.10), has already been discussed with the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, who had raised no objection and had, in fact, pointed to the many other countries imposing such a charge.

The fee, which would be payable by tourists staying in Thailand for longer than three days (while those on shorter stays would pay THB30 per day) is designed to improve the "quality" of tourists holidaying in the country.

Although at least a portion of the revenue received would probably be ploughed back into the tourism sector, the industry has already expressed some opposition to the move, saying that it would reduce tourist numbers and significantly hurt the industry in both the short and longer term.

Pradit added that, while the charge would be imposed in January next year, it might be delayed to the middle of the month, given the large number of tourists who would have already booked their holidays over the very busy New Year period.

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