UAE To Expand Availability Of Visas

By Cassarah Harvey, for 13 August, 2014

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has confirmed plans to reform its visa system as part of the country's "UAE Vision 2021" national development plan.

An official from the Ministry of Interior with responsibility for Naturalization, Residency, and Port Affairs said that the UAE will introduce an array of new visas and entry permits. These will include a multiple-entry business visa, new entry permits for students and those seeking medical treatment, and permits for those attending conferences. He explained that most visas and permits will be multiple entry, and said fees will be proportionate to the services provided.

The official also emphasized that the UAE's Federal Government is seeking to keep pace with international practices, and that the new system will be based on standards of quality, efficiency, and transparency. He said that the changes represent a new "philosophy," focusing on the needs and requirements of customers. However, he warned that there will also be extra funding to track down and deport individuals who overstay or break laws.

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