UK Aims To Boost Expats' Access To Mental Health Services

By Editorial 16 April, 2014

The UK's Consular Services Team in Paris has held a workshop to improve British expats' awareness of the mental health services available to them in France, as well as other countries.

According to the British Embassy, the number of cases in which consular assistance is required in relation to mental health issues is increasing, due in part to France's attractiveness as a retirement destination.

To identify ways of improving awareness of French mental health provisions, the workshop was addressed by Françoise Cornic, a psychiatric doctor from Sainte-Anne Hospital, and Véronique Chauveau, a French lawyer. They delivered presentations on a number of topics, such as access to and the organization of French mental health institutions, the French guardianship system, and mental health care for prisoners in France.

Staff from the embassies of other English-speaking countries also attended, along with representatives from the British Charitable Fund, the British Community Committee, social workers, and doctors from Henri Ey Hospital. It was agreed that information exchange would improve collaboration in the area, and that working together would build upon the quality of services available.

The workshop formed part of the 2013-2016 Foreign and Commonwealth Office Consular Strategy. The FCO says that by 2016 consular services will be more efficient, and that staff will spend more time helping the most vulnerable people and the most severe cases.

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