UK Announces New Premium Visa Services

By Editorial 08 November, 2013

The UK Government has announced changes to the visa system, including the launch of an invitation-only service providing bespoke support for top business executives.

According to the Home Office, the "GREAT Club" scheme will begin in the New Year as a 12-month pilot for 100 global business leaders with strong UK links. Participants will be given an account manager to ensure their journey through the visa and immigration service is "swift and smooth." During the pilot the manager will also be available to arrange visa services tailored to individual needs at no extra cost. The word "GREAT" refers to a "Britain is GREAT" international marketing campaign currently being promoted by the UK Government.

Other changes include expanding a priority three-to-five day visa service from 67 countries to more than 90 countries by spring 2014, and expanding a same-day visa service from India to China and then to other key locations by the end of 2014. India will also see a new VIP mobile visa service, and a "passport pass-back service" pilot in southern India allowing customers to keep their passport while their visa is being processed.

Home Secretary Theresa May said that changes would allow the UK "to maintain a world-class, competitive visa system." She added that the UK would continue to meet the needs of high-value businesses "so that we can provide them with a service that supports economic growth, while at the same time maintains the security of our borders."

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