UK Electoral Commission Encourages Expat Voting

By Fernand Gagnier, for 06 February, 2015

Ahead of the UK general election, scheduled for May 7, 2015, the Electoral Commission has launched a campaign to encourage British expats to register to vote.

The Commission is an independent body established to act as a watchdog over the UK electoral process. On February 5, the Commission marked Overseas Voter Registration Day with the launch of its campaign to encourage voters living overseas to make their voices heard on election day.

It is hoped that more British expats than ever will register to vote, as this is the first UK general election where people can register to vote online. Just 20,000 of an estimated 5.5 million UK nationals living abroad are registered to vote.

Alex Robertson, Director of Communications at the Electoral Commission, said: "A lot of people aren't aware that it's possible to register as an overseas voter for the general election. We need to challenge the misconception that once you've moved overseas you can't take part. Many people can and now it's easier than ever to take the first step by going online."

"Overseas Voter Registration Day is also the perfect opportunity for everyone to encourage friends, family or colleagues to check if they can take part and ask them to go online to register from wherever they are in the world."

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