UK FCO Says Brits Should Plan Well Ahead Of Relocating

By Fernand Gagnier, for 27 October, 2014

The UK's Foreign & Commonwealth Office is urging Britons who are planning to retire abroad to plan thoroughly, after a survey showed that retirees often do little research ahead of a move.

The FCO is getting the word out in partnership with A Place in the Sun, a popular TV series for prospective expats in the UK.

James Duddridge, the UK's Minister for Consular Affairs, warned that moving abroad involves many practical and social changes. He highlighted the importance of knowing about local laws and customs, and of taking into account long-term financial implications, legal issues that may require independent advice, and current and future health needs.

A Place in the Sun's Managing Director, Andy Bridge, added: "It's no coincidence that people who make the most successful transition abroad are those who are fully prepared and have done their research." He described the FCO's moving abroad checklist, which is available online, as "a good place to start."

Meanwhile, Carole Hallett Mobbs, editor at, explained that departing expats often overlook simple tasks. She suggested leaving open a UK bank account for emergencies and to enable payment of any unexpected bills.

A video produced as part of the campaign advises that prospective expats should begin researching 18-24 months ahead of a move, and rent a place before decided whether to purchase a property. It also stresses the need to learn the local language in order to integrate.

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