UK FCO Updates Consular Assistance Guide

By Fiona Moore, for 03 March, 2015

The UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office has updated its guide entitled "Support For British Nationals Abroad."

This guide contains important information for all overseas travelers, including notes on security precautions. It also explains the type of assistance that may be available from the British Embassy or Consulate. Such help can be given to:

The guide goes on to explain how to contact a local FCO office and what to do if the country you are in has no office. It stresses: "We provide the support described in this guide in over 180 countries across the world in different and sometimes difficult conditions. Local factors such as security, the law, transport, medical facilities, and relations with the local authorities, as well as our assessment of how vulnerable you are, may all define the help we can provide."

The guide can be obtained from the UK Government website.

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