UK Film For Chinese Students Explains Student Visa Process

By Editorial 21 March, 2014

UK Immigration Minister James Brokenshire has praised a film produced by Sheffield University, which explains to Chinese students how to apply to study at the UK's leading universities.

The film focuses on two of the 65,000 Chinese students who applied in Beijing last year, and includes a "behind the scenes" look at the UK Visa Application Center in the city. It shows the two students submitting their documents at the Center, who provide biometric data, and participate in an on-line interview with a Home Office official in the UK. Their application packs are then shown being sent to the British Embassy, for assessment by an Entry Clearance Officer. At the end of the film, the students return to the Center to find out whether they have been successful.

The film was made in partnership with UK universities, the British Council, and the Home Office. Brokenshire described it as "an excellent example of the higher education sector working in partnership with the government to encourage high quality international students to study in the UK and promote the opportunities in the UK to emerging global markets."

Professor Sir Keith Burnett, the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Sheffield, said the film was "extremely important" for the university's relationship with students and families in China. He added: "It gives us renewed respect and understanding for the huge decision Chinese families make when they send their children to study in the UK." He said that it was important to show that talented Chinese students, who are "crucial" to the UK, will be welcomed and treated well.

Brokenshire said that the UK welcomes "the brightest and the best" students, noting that applications rose by 7 percent in the year ending December 2013.

Student visas issued to Chinese students increased by 5,227 (9 percent) to 62,563 between 2012 and 2013, and more than 98 percent of applications were successful.

Last year, a short film was made in India to show the commitment of UK universities to international students. It has so far been shared by more than 80 UK universities and international organizations through the 'We Are International' project.

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