UK Rolling Out Red Carpet For China's Wealthy

By Editorial 30 June, 2014

The United Kingdom is hoping to attract more Chinese tourists and expatriates by improving its visa approvals system.

Home Secretary Theresa May said that UK Visa Application Centers in China, of which there are 12, have been upgraded and expanded to increase their capacity.

May pointed out that, from this summer, Chinese tourists will be able to apply for a UK visa, as well as a Schengen Area visa, which would open up access to 26 European countries. It will be possible to apply by completing a single online form.

Other enhancements include the newly introduced Passport Pass Back service, which allows customers to retain their passport while their UK visa application is being processed. In addition, a VIP Mobile Visa Service has been introduced for wealthy travelers who would like the convenience of visa staff coming directly to them to collect the biometric data necessary for a visa.

Future improvements include a super priority 24-hour visa service, to be launched this August, which will speed up the process for those who want to have a visa issued quickly, and a simpler, more user-friendly online application service will be launched for Chinese applicants.

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