UK Scores Highly Among Expats For Social Life And Love

By Fiona Moore, for 28 October, 2014

HSBC's Expat Explorer survey has revealed high satisfaction among expats with the quality of their social life in the UK, with around three-quarters of respondents in the country saying that they are integrating well into their local community, and 50 percent reporting that they have found long-term love.

The UK emerged as the global survey's top location for socializing with locals, at 49 percent (compared with a global average of 31 percent). Further, more than six in ten (63 percent) said that they enjoy the UK's entertainment culture (compared with 47 percent globally).

However, the UK scored worse than other countries in terms of cost of living and disposable income. The country also ranked poorly as a place to raise children, although 72 percent of parents polled said that they send their children to state schools (compared with an average of 37 percent).

Francesca McDonagh, who is Head of Retail Banking and Wealth Management at HSBC UK, observed: "While expats say the cost of living is higher than they are used to, they love the social life and integrate well within the UK – with the high quality of the UK's education system continuing to be a clear attraction."

The only country to score higher for finding romance is Italy, at 57 percent. Russia and China shared third place, at 49 percent, followed by the Netherlands (48 percent) and Thailand (46 percent). The global average is 36 percent.

The Expat Explorer survey, conducted by YouGov, asked nearly 9,300 expats from around the world about their views on life abroad, taking into account their quality of life, financial wellbeing, and the ease of raising a family abroad.

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