UK Urged To Allow International Students Residency

By Fiona Moore, for 01 October, 2014

A body that represents universities in the UK has urged the Government to make it easier for international students to stay on and work in the country after graduation.

The CEO of Universities UK (UUK), Nicola Dandridge, took part in a fringe meeting at the Conservative Party conference on "Making the UK the HQ for Global Talent." Ahead of the event, she warned that countries such as Australia and Canada are currently attracting increasing numbers of international students.

Dandridge explained that this is due to "ambitious and aggressive higher education expansion strategies" that she said are "backed by progressive immigration policies."

UUK argues that there is an urgent need to remove international students from the net migration cap to benefit the UK's economy and society. According to Dandridge: "If we attract skilled and talented individuals from around the globe then in turn we will also attract major businesses seeking to employ them. An immigration system that attracts skilled people to our country can be part of a virtuous circle benefiting all of society."

In August, a UUK-commissioned survey showed public support for international students remaining in the UK, with 81 percent of Conservative Party voters saying they support the move.

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