UK Warns Britons Of Passport Theft Rates In Spain

By Editorial 10 April, 2014

The British Embassy in Madrid has warned Britons that more than 6,000 passports were lost or stolen in Spain last year, and that obtaining a replacement Emergency Travel Document requires a visit to the nearest British Consulate and costs GBP95.00 (USD159) for each person.

The Embassy said that the most common way that passports are stolen is bag theft (39 percent), followed by thefts from cars (20 percent), pick-pocketing (15 percent) and apartment or villa break-ins (14 percent).

Travelers are advised not to carry multiple passports, and to use money-belts that go under clothing rather than handbags or rucksacks. Also, passports should never be left in a car.

Will Middleton, Consular Regional Director for Spain, observed that "a single bag theft can leave a family of four facing a bill of nearly GBP400 for emergency travel documents."

During a four-month period in 2013 consulates in Spain assisted some 1,547 British nationals who had lost or had their passport stolen.

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