Voting Registration Deadline Looms For Brits In Spain

By Editorial 27 January, 2014

The British Embassy in Madrid is reminding Britons living in Spain that the deadline for registering an intention to vote in the European Parliamentary elections is Thursday, January 30, and it has provided a translation of official information about how to do so.

The Spanish Government says that EU citizens who received a communiqué from the Electoral Registry Office (Oficina del Censo Electoral, or OCE) in November 2013 need only complete and sign a formal statement that was sent with this and return it to the relevant Regional Delegation of their OCE. In cases where the OCE also has the resident's Foreigner Identification Card Number, the process can be completed online.

However, expatriates who are not currently included on their local town hall register, or "Padrón," should add their names and then fill out the relevant form confirming their intention to vote in Spain. Further information is available at local town halls and at regional delegations of the Electoral Registry Office.

Residents who have previously expressed their wish to vote in Spain do not need to do anything.

The British Embassy adds that expatriates who have been registered to vote in the UK within the last 15 years can alternatively choose to vote in the UK, as long as they are on an electoral register there. Those who choose this option should print out a registration form and post it to the relevant local authority within the UK, in time for it to be received by May 7. However, those wishing to vote in the UK must declare that they will vote only in one country.

According to Spanish Government figures, more than 2.1m EU citizens of other countries are eligible to vote in Spain. However, only 322,000 of these residents were on the Spanish electoral roll as of November 2013.

British officials in Spain have also recently highlighted that registration on the "Padrón" also gives eligibility for social services relating to healthcare, housing and residential care.

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