World Cup Worries Unfounded, Say Brazil Officials

By Editorial 19 June, 2014

Brazilian officials responsible for managing the influx of visitors to the country for the World Cup say that everything is going well. Large numbers of volunteers are providing tourists with information, and the military police are dealing with the crowds in a "very orderly and polite way," they said.

Claudio Magnavita, who is head of tourism in Rio de Janeiro, said at a press conference that he had attended a match to see for himself how well the system is working. He reported that everyone he had met on the way out of the stadium had congratulated him, and he observed that the pessimists who had predicted failure needed a rethink.

Magnavita was joined by the Minister of Tourism, Vinicius Lages. The Minister explained that there are thought to be approximately 600,000 international tourists and around three million Brazilians travelling to events. He said preliminary research by the Ministry of Tourism indicated that World Cup visitors are so far very positive about their World Cup experience.

Lages also said that the World Cup is proving to be an opportunity to promote Brazil as a tourist destination. In particular, he highlighted Brazil's natural beauty and the country's "culture of hospitality." He revealed that it is estimated that foreign tourists will spend approximately BRL6.7bn (USD2.9bn) in the host cities, not including travelling expenses.

Also present at the press conference was the Minister of Aviation, Moreira Franco, and Marcelo Guaranys, who heads the National Civil Aviation Agency. They said that great improvements had been made to Brazil's airport infrastructure, and that the number of delays and cancellations is low.

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