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The Ultimate Interactive Map of Great British Grub

The Ultimate Interactive Map of Great British Grub was born from a simple but profoundly important thought: “can you buy Marmite in Germany?”

We knew from talking with British expats around the world that, despite the UK not having a great culinary reputation on the world stage, when you’re a born and raised Brit you’ll always have cravings for the distinctive flavours of home. Expat forums were brimming with wet-behind-the-ears expats asking their more senior compatriots where to buy baked beans, source HP or pick up a penguin.

This isn’t the first attempt to create a resource of this kind but (as far as we’re aware) it’s the first time that it’s taken the form of an interactive map where expats have the opportunity to suggest their favourite locations (by emailing We need input from the expat community to fill this map to the brim and locate British shops in the most far-flung corners of the world.

Over time we hope the map will become an invaluable resource for UK expats and Britainophiles alike.

Michael Brinksman, Content Editor at Whichoffshore

View the Ultimate Interactive Map of Great British Grub in a larger format and suggest additional locations