Why 2017 could be the best year for buy to let property

By fjpinvestment, 19 April, 2017

The largest increase in renter households in the U.K was seen from 2010 to 2016 on record. The demand is very high and with that there are opportunities to create passive income streams for investors. With demand strong, it could be a great time to think about where property investments fit into your investment strategy.

It is estimated that rental properties will increase by 4% throughout 2017, rent is expected to increase the most in areas such as London and the South East. 

London will not come as a surprise; we have seen the growing demand for many years and no doubt come to realise that renting a property in the capital is very expensive today.

With higher rental premiums, it will equal a higher yield for property investors. While increased rents will be less welcome for tenants, the opposite is true for investors whom are buying properties in certain regions of the United Kingdom.

When it comes to selecting the right property for purchasing, it is all about the location, Data shows that the resurgence of our cities and regions can be attributed to Millennials who come in search of job opportunities along with more affordable accommodation.

It shows that with 40% of renters being under 35 and earning less that £25,000 per year, the demand for rental property is demonstrating a real trend of rental prices increasing in the short term. This of course means that as an investor in property you could be in for a larger return.

Tom Roberts of FJP Investment has said “Owning rental property is by no means a walk in the park. When done right and with a strategy it can pay off big time”.

Initially you will want to find the right property and of course have in place the finance to purchase. Then of course the tenants, they will need to be reliable and able to pay.

Maintaining and ensuring the property is in a fit state is also an added chore.

There is no denying that for those willing to put in the hard work, property investments can be seen as an effective way to hedge against volatility in the markets and generate an additional income.

Buy-to-let property has always been a wise investment for investors when done right. People and businesses always have a need for property, if you can find the right property in the right location, at the right price point. You’ll find that you have a recipe for profit!

The rental market is strong and expected to get stronger throughout 2017, be sure to research and calculate the risks involved in undertaking such transactions. Of course, you must consider the upside and downside potentials of investing in property.

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