Cultural Heritage Of Hong Kong

By nicksvensk, 25 October, 2016

Hong Kong is a very big city and it's located on the southeast part of China, facing the South China Sea. The city is highly populated and it counts over 7 million inhabitants from different races and religions. Considering that it has over 2000 years of history, Hong Kong is known for its very vast culture and historical buildings. The British colonization also left a mark on the city, which became an amazing mix of Asian and European culture. Bellow, we will present you the most important historical sites and cultural heritage of Hong Kong, things that make this city unique and worth of visiting.


Po Lin Monastery


This is one of the city most famous attraction and it's easy to understand why. Surrounded by the mountains and the South China Sea, the Po Lin Monastery is an architectural wonder and a symbol for the Hong Kong culture. The most impressive object inside the Monastery is the 34 m tall seated bronze Buddha, the largest in the world. Also, we can observe a six-tonne bell, that rings every day for 108 times. Located inside the monastery walls are the world famous Grand Hall of Ten Thousand Buddhas. This impressive collection at the moment counts over 13.000 ceramic Buddha, and presents one of the sights that any visitor should not miss.


Lam Tsuen Wishing Trees


Lam Tsuen Wishing Trees are located near the Tin Hau Temple in the 700 years old residential area, Lam Tsuen. The wishing tree was firstly a regular tree, where the inhabitants went to worship Pak Kung. Over time, the place gathered a lot of legends and once just regular trees were given wish granting properties by local population. The people would write their names on pieces of paper, tying them on fresh orange fruit and then throw them into the three branches in hope to have their wishes fulfilled. In order to preserve the Lam Tsuen trees, this tradition has been prohibited. But now there are 3 plastic trees that are being used for the same purpose.


Dragon Garden


This garden is a privately owned park, and it's considered one of the most impressive attractions of Hong Kong. Spreading across 8 hectares of land, Dragon Garden was built by Lee Iu-Cheung, who has spent 20 years landscaping this enormous and impressive park of nature with more than 100 plant species located between its walls. Architectural design of the garden is influenced by Song, Ming and Qing dynasty styles, and as of 2006. is recognized as Grade II Heritage Site. The property is currently under restoration and it's available for prearranged private tours and to public only once a month.


Traditional Massage Therapies


Massage therapy was always an important part of Hong Kong's tradition for more the 2000 years. The therapy is considered a form of relaxation as well as a treatment for muscle/bones conditions such as chronic back, neck or shoulder pain. This form of healing is still practices and performed by Hong Kong massage experts, and every year, tourists around the world come to experience this traditional as well as relaxing healing therapy. Variety of techniques have been handed down from generation to generation and today, there are hundreds of massage spas all over the city.


Tai Chi


Tai Chi in its nature is a form of martial art, but now days it's much more regarded as a form of entertainment or rather exercise. This discipline also known as Shadow Boxing can be often seen practiced and performed at local Hong Kong parks through out the day, usually in larger groups. Currently today there are five main styles of Tai Chi: Chen Style, Yang Style, Wu Style by Wu Yuxiang, Wu Style by Wu Jianquan and Sun Style – each with its unique performance and philosophy.



Overall, Hong Kong is a place rich with history and culture. Even though its past was tumultuous to say the least, the city and its people have managed to keep its identity and traditions through time, and keep its cultural attractions safe and intact as well. Any history and cultural buff owns to themselves to step into Hong Kong at least one in the lifetime and experience the knowledge this City has to offer.