Going Green in Business

By carolinpetterson, 22 May, 2017

After decades and centuries neglecting our planet, can we all agree it’s high time we did something about it and made a positive change? The green initiative is nothing more than a vocalized expression of a global need for a better world and a place we can all feel better in. The need for a more eco-friendly lifestyle is, therefore, not a pose by green activists all around the world, but a substantial requirement of our day and age. However, in order to make a real difference and do something good, we all need to act together and apply the green principle to every aspect of our lives. Every one of us can start implementing a number of environmentally-aware changes into our homes, while big companies can do their share and switch to more sustainable products and resources. Speaking of the latter, here’s why going green in business is so important today.


Better waste management


Let’s make this real simple – the more second-hand products and recycled materials you use, the less waste you make. And if you’re a huge multi-million international company, by switching to an alternative source of materials you can save – and even make! – more money than you can imagine. Moreover, you’ll be doing wonders for Mother Earth on a daily basis and be in a position to proudly announce you’re doing your share of the work towards preserving our world for the future generations. Reducing waste will also minimize the need for new resources and expensive transportation of material all around the world. This way, you’ll start using local resources and utilize recycled supplies that are just as good as new materials.



Better office space


Going green in an office may not sound easy at first, but once you begin exploring the options available to you, you’ll soon realize how many things you can actually do. From using recycled paper and reusable pens to equipping all your light fixtures with LED bulbs and turning off your computers when they’re not in use, you can save millions and considerably help our planet. Furthermore, you can bring in a few plants in your office and make this space literally greener than it ever was. This way, your employees will have a healthier and more pleasant working environment and, due to that, be happier and more productive, which is good for them and the company as well.


Better image


As soon as your company goes green, you’ll start noticing the change of attitude your customers, clients, associates and partners have towards you. People generally like environmentally-aware companies and are eager to endorse them, so it won’t be hard to see what a shift towards eco-friendliness does for your business. Various studies show that more than 50% of all consumers opt for green companies instead of the alternatives, so you might become more attractive to a whole new generation of buyers, both locally and globally. Finally, you can investigate other green companies and build connections with them this way, meeting new experts from all fields of business. A strong network of green companies will certainly do more for our environment than one individual or even one single company can, so it’s always quite an exciting idea.


Better facilities


Speaking of connections, why don’t you use your new web of associates and build new office space or even headquarters from scratch? Using services provided only by sustainable and trustworthy green associates, you’ll make sure your facilities are 100% eco-friendly and up to the highest environmentally-aware standards. However, it’s important to go green from the very beginning, so contacting reliable geotechnical engineeringexperts who’ll investigate your property and soil is a must. Only then can you start exploring eco-friendly construction companies, as well as designers and architects who are all about preserving the Earth.


Further steps


By turning some of these ideas into reality, you’ll successfully do several things at the same time: save a ton of money, purchase cheaper recycled resources, portray a positive image, attract new eco-aware customers and clients, connect to other green companies, provide your employees with a healthier working environment and, ultimately, make a change in the world. And if all of us do that, our planet will be ready to welcome the generations to come.