Travelling for Love: Financial Tips for The Romantic Relocation

By BethPembrook, 22 August, 2017

If you’re reading this post as a spouse who is currently living away from their partner in a different country, you may now be at the point where you’re about to make the big move to be reunited with them. A hugely exciting time, it can often be a long-awaited decision whether it was down to visa approvals, citizenship sanctions or maybe just that job you’ve been wishing you would finally get. As someone who has relocated for romance previously, I’ve seen how it is all too easy to get wrapped up in the moment and not plan ahead. It is this lack of planning that can destroy a global relationship that you’ve worked so hard to maintain. So, to help you not make the same financial mistakes as I once did, I’ve put together some travel tips to consider before making the leap of faith for love!


Be Visa Vigilant


Something you have to get right in order to ensure you don’t run into constant problems at every turn is your visa. With rushing to get over to your spouse, you may fail to get the correct documents you need that will allow you set up financially in your new home. It will pay to speak to your destination’s immigration body to ensure that you get the right UK spouse visa that ensures your eligibility to reside there legally. If it is citizenship that you have recently qualified for, make sure that you have the correct British naturalisation documents with you when travelling and when applying for financial help to speed up the whole process. In the case where you don’t have what you need, you could face deportation if you try to set up things like a bank over there as you will flag up on the governing system.


Plan Ahead


Before you make the move, get yourself a money plan together that will break down your income, all your expenses, what you can save and the back up fund you may have available. If you’re looking for a new job in your new location, don’t cut yourself short. Often first paychecks take time to come through so make sure you have enough to live off until that money comes up. If you overstretch yourself you will run into problems quickly!


Consider Your Career


Whenever you relocate for romance, often one party puts their career on hold. This is obviously place dependant but you could be faced with the fact that jobs are hard to come by in your field or speciality or it may not exist all together. You may be in the position where you can take a sabbatical or leave of absence until you are settled in your country or until you return if it is a temporary relocation. In some cases, the job you do may not exist in your new place or it may be called something else so you need to do your research before you go. Having a clear global career plan will give you targets and an end goal to aim for.


The Agreement


Something that too often people dismiss because they believe they don’t need one or they’re too strong – this is something you really need. Not to be taken lightly, drawing up an agreement that outlines the living and financial agreements you’ve agreed to in your couple will put you in good stead. If you’re married it’s different, however, trusting all of your finances on someone can bring unneeded stress to the relationship and in the case you break up, you could be left with nothing. This is often a tricky conversation but one that if not had could cause massive problems down the line. For example, if you are not authorized to work or can’t find employment, is your partner willing to support you financially? Will you have an allowance, or will your partner pay for all expenses in the home and host country, and for how long? What if you split up? Who will pay for the place you may have rented? If you can both agree on a plan from the outside, the agreement is set in stone so you will avoid any arguments and you’ll know where your money is going to or where it is if you need to access it.