How to Travel With an Illness

By APorter910, 11 September, 2017

Make your illness known:

Travelling the world is on the top agenda for many of us, but if you’re travelling with a condition or illness that requires attention or a stream of medication, then it can prove difficult to travel solo or to travel for a long period of time. As well as this, medical bills abroad can prove to be extremely expensive, which means that people often have to cut their travels short. This doesn’t necessarily have to be the case, if you factor your condition into travelling and plan ahead for different situations, then you will be able to have a normal travelling experience.


On your travels, whether you decide to go solo, or whether you decide to go with friends, it’s important to make your illness known. A lot of people who suffer from various illnesses decide to wear medical jewellery of silicone wristbands with information of their illnesses printed on them - this way if anything happens to them, if they have a seizure, fit or faint unexpectedly, then the people around them will be aware of their condition and will be able to act accordingly.


Travel smart:

As well as making people aware of your condition, it’s important to also ensure that you have enough of your medication to last you through your travels, and that you stay within a vicinity of a medical facility, whether this is a hospital, a doctors or a pharmacy. If you suffer from an illness or condition that will need to be treated instantly if anything happens or if your condition suddenly deteriorates, then it is never a good idea to go on a week long trek up a mountain, or to stay with a native tribe, away from civilization for months on end. As long as you plan your travels by taking into account your medication, the vicinity of the health centres and also the different things that can happen to you along the way, then you will be much safer and will again have a much more normal, and much less stressful of worrying experience.

Keep in check with friends and family:


All travellers should update their friends and family of their location and where they are planning to go, this is a safety precaution, and if anything happens along the way, your friends and family members will be on high alert straight away. Keep up to date with your whereabouts, your health and even check in to every location on Facebook and other forms of social media, this will allows everybody at home to keep a piece of mind, and will also allow them to have a rough gage of your whereabouts if anything should go wrong.