Checklist: What to remember when moving to the Netherlands?

By IamExpat, 31 October, 2017

You've recently moved to the Netherlands and you've barely unpacked your suitcase. IamExpat has a guide for new arrivals to the Netherlands to make the most out of your first few days in this amazing country.

1. Make sure to rent a place

An important note when finding housing in the Netherlands and apartment hunting in the Netherlands is that you need to be able to register an address. This is essential, as you will need this to get a BSN, open a bank account etc. 

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2. Get a BSN and open a bank account.So once you've found an appartment - good job! - you can now register for your social services number (BSN) and start setting up a bank account. These two are essential to starting a life in the Netherlands. 

3. Don't forget to get an OV-chipkaart.To be able to get around using trains, busses or trams, make sure you have either a bike to get around or get an OV-chipkaat. This card is your public transport card and you can upload money onto this. Make sure to 'check out' when leaving! 

4. Get yourself Dutch health insuranceIf you are in the Netherlands for more than a couple of months, you will need to consider getting yourself some health insurance. You will need to have fixed this within 3 months, other wise you will get fined by the Zorginstituut Nederland. 

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